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Pastel Past, Pastel Present.

Personally I think that pastels will always be in. For the first day of school, pastel colors rock! You don't want to come off as having to strong of a personality (make up can do that!) but if your school doesn't allow make up, then it doesn't really seem like there's anything you can do. Unless ...
Have you heard of the disappearing nail polish? If not, it'll be covered a little further on.

Anyway, to achieve this look you need ...
Pastel Green eyeshadow
Light pink lipstick
Some mascara

Put on the lipstick as smoothly as possible, then take off any stray marks with some tissue.

Next, put the eyeshadow on. And DON'T layer it. Just one swish of the brush and it's done.

Finally, get the mascara, and lightly put it on. Don't use the mascara that thickens your eyelashes! Just the one that makes them longer.

Dark but friendly, warm and kind.

This look is not the greatest for the first week of school, but after that it's great! This make up can give off the atmosphere of a very loving and kind, outgoing person, and that's all down to the lipstick. If you don't wear the lipstick, it can give you a kind of shy look. So if you are shy, you should try wearing bright clothes and bright make up. This look is great in Autumn and Winter, but in Spring and Summer it doesn't really go well.
To achieve this look you will need ...
Purple eyeshadow
Red lipstick
Thickening and elongating mascara
Black eye liner

Put on the red lipstick and make sure it's smooth. Take off stray marks with a tissue.

Next, put on the purple eyeshadow, and layer it a little bit (not too much) to create the effect this look has.

After that, put on the eye liner. Don't make a black circle around your eye like MCR sometimes do, just a black line around your eye (as the name states!) For an interesting change you can get glitter eye liner!

Lastly, put on the thickening mascara on, and make sure it's perfectly smooth. Then put on the elongating mascara, and once again make sure it's perfectly smooth.

And you're done!


Dark shadows, ghosts and vampires.

This is a vampire-y look that can be a little creepy if you use it in certain ways. If you got some white blush then this would be perfect for Halloween. Or, if you wanted to scare your friends on the first day of school or after the weekend or after you've been sick, you can act really stiff around them and if you have extremely dark eyes or golden eyes then this would be perfect. You could act as if you're almost not breathing around them for a bit. It would be hilarious to watch their reactions.
To achieve this look you will need ...
Time (this is getting over used isn't it?)
Dark red/purplish lipstick
A lot of different kinds of mascara
Dark blue black and dark green eye liner

Put on the red/purplish lipstick then (well you know the drill)

Then put on the dark blue eye liney on the top and bottom eyelids, but not the little corners. Put dark green on the corners pointing to your nose, and black on the ones pointing to your ears.

Lastly, put on all the mascara, and make sure it's smooth.

Wa la!

Hippie 60's

Look, I know she doesn't look like a hippie, but it just gives me that feeling. This is a laid back kind of look. It's also colorful. I like it, but it's not my favorite. What about you? What do you think of the make up? Tell us on the comment page!

Anyway, to achieve this look you need ...
To wake up a little earlier if it's a school day (the time thing was getting boring ... :P)
Violetish-pinkish lipstick
Blue eyeliner
Thickening mascara
Smoky Purple eyeshadow

To tell you the truth, you don't HAVE to start with lipstick. I just think it would be easier.

Put the lipstick on (if you want to make your lips seem fuller, you can try putting some lip liner on, but instead of on the lips, you can put it just over the edge of the lips) un-smudge yourself them move on ...

Put the eyeshadow on. Don't layer it unless you are just taking ideas from this look. If you want to get precisely this look, then don't layer it.

Now put on the eyeliner. And at the end, just put to little streaks going down from the top edge of the eyelid.

Lastly, put the thickening mascara on.

Do you like it?

Mysterious and not up for some friendly conversation

If you're new in school and trying to make new friends DON'T USE THIS LOOK. It gives off a cold feeling and it can leave people feeling unnerved if they don't know you. If you're going for a slight but not full blow goth look, this is the make up for you.

To achieve this look you need ...
To wake up (a little earlier)
Patience and a steady hand (I forgot to put those two on the previous ones!)
Bright red lip stick
Black eyeshadow (yes, black)
Blue mascara
Grey eye liner

Get the red lipstick on as neatly as possible, unless you are going for a "I'm crazy" or "I woke up on the wrong side of the bed" look then you can smudge it wherever the heck you want.

Next get the black eyeshadow layered on as many times as you can without creating a thick film of black powder on your face.

Now get the grey eyeliner around your eye as neatly as possible.

Finally put on the blue mascara very lightly.

Have fun! (and don't forget to powder your nose ... jk!)

Naturally Neutral

This look is as natural as a blue banana on a hat. Okay, that made no sense but it was fun to write. Anyway, this look is pretty natural. If you wear it right, people might even start thinking you're not wearing make up...

I will simply say:
You will need ...
Time and blah blah blah
Bronze blush (first time I mentioned blush isn't it?)
Very very neutral lipstick (just a little darker than your normal lip color)
Thickening mascara

I'm hoping that by now you know what to do :I